Caerphilly Employment Support Team Frequently Asked Questions

I suffer from anxiety and depression, I’d like to return to work one day but not right now. Can you help me?

Yes! Our UKSPF team are a friendly bunch who realise that small changes can help make a huge difference. We can help you by working at your pace, whether finding a job is weeks or months away.

I’m in a manual job that I no longer enjoy and my health is suffering. I’d like to change jobs but I don’t know what I can do now.

That’s no problem – we’ll be able to work with you to look at your skills and identify any training that would benefit you to find work in a new sector.

I’ve just finished work and I need to find a new job straight away. Can you help me get back into work?

Our Communities for Work Plus team specialises in supporting people who are closest to the job market so they will be able to help you update your CV with your latest experience (or create one if you don’t have one already!). They’ll be able to work with our Business Liaison Officers to find a vacancy that is right for you.

I want to start work but my children are not in school until September. Can you help me prepare for work in the meantime?

We can help you prepare your CV and get some up to date training courses and qualifications so you are ready to go when your children are in school.

Our company is looking for up to 3 people to work for us. They need to have a Level 2 Food Hygiene before joining the team. Can you help?

Of course! Our Business Liaison team can work with you to identify your company’s training needs and ensure those you interview have the qualification already or will complete it before they start work with you.

We can even sift through the application forms and forward you the best candidates for interview.

I’ve been in my job for a while and I want to move up the career ladder, I might need some training to help me. Could you provide this support?

We can look at your current skills and any gaps that are stopping you from progressing to the next stage of your career, we’ll support you to fill those gaps, whether that’s through courses or a different type of work experience.